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    Data Driven Imagination, Real-Time Realization, Live Data Gaming

    "The World is a Game and we want to Play" is a line I imagine my kids will say by 2020. Science has shown their brains are wired different than ours.


    Are we building the tools they can operate spaceship earth? OMSE Fuller ?.

    Researching and developing tools for improving spatial logic and e-motion.

  • The Better Homefeeling

    Datafication of natural survival and cultural luxury

    Internet of Food

    The internet of food is 90% focused on high efficiency by (big) tech players. Brabant knows many niche players, data is key, yet not yet centerstage. We need to focus on data to stay ahead in the global food game. (More Soon)

    Design your Own Sales Chain

    While Amazon buys WholeFoods. We started to help farmers design their own sales chain. And to service extreme small and big retailers connect to customers willing to pay 20% more for transparent quality. Discover Porklane

    From Linear to Circular

    Moving from a linear management off the region to a circular is a data driven step by step challenge to involve the best players in government, companies and collaborations. I help in Province North-Brabant.

    Job Creation and Automation

    Designing the future is easy by making systems and chains lean. Automation off the region needs to be counterbalanced with job creation to ensure everybody can affort the future. More info

    Fanagri, Real Data Game

    Gaming with the Countryside. Based on real data, real stakeholders, real region decision making and social processes.  Fanagri Microsite


    Next; Digital Game with GIS data in a fantasy setting. More real world interaction. 

    Wat Groeit Hier Mama ?

    Winner Category Best Open Data App #Polderhack @AgrimeetsDesign. Crops, Animals, Wildlife. "What Grows Here Daddy" 

    In 2015 we try a complete Brabant region!

    From Green to Grey

    What is Home? Reimagining it from green to grey trajectories. We identified 8 universal rings making up the durable home feeling, from your home garden to agriculture to the natural wild.

    35 KM Diet

    Based on the succesfull Canadian 100 Mile Diet, we build a pilot webtool (2006) to add regional food and recipees. Can you survive in your home region? 

    Buiksloterham Living Lab

    From the beginning involved in setting up local development with digital tools and GIS data. Now we have Fire, Water, Earth partners on board!

    Local ecosystem from food to water to energy and waste. Building now a structured database for future visualisations. 

    Boot the Root Amsterdam

    Just like in a computer, the system needs to startup. The city off Amsterdam is maybe a processor, but the countryside is the rest off the system. Buiksloterham is circular, what are the GIS data links and direct production links with countryside.

    What about energy and water?  How can we bend consumer behaviour using spatial data efficiency?

    SpaceJam KillYourMonsters

    Collaborative Learning in a physical region needs to be done better. Based on Agrimatie Data, Crowd Data, Create team and Kill 'Monsters'. Spacejam @ZLTO Congres.

    Region (data) Breakfast

    During PROEFMEI 2014 we connected with local GIS players. Farmers, Tourism, Restaurants, Nature. What do they need, want with GIS data? To be continued in 2015 with real data pilot on Food, Nature and Biodiversity!

  • Paul Produced

    Interfaces, Information, Animation. Using 15 years professional digital tools.

    Donkeypedia Live Video GPS

    Highly interactive map environment with LIVE logging photo, video, GPS by a real donkey. Equipped with GPS, Camera travelling in the Netherlands sharing stories off/by children. Winner MINDTREK !

    Treasurehunt, 30 day quest 

    A personal quest helping film characters. Quest Learning meets Online Academy and Region Hunts. Delivering an engine for storylines between Mobile - Internet - Newspaper - TV - Location for 30 day (skill) quests. See dashboard video

    Education Clients

    Contact me for details on specific projects.

    Media Clients

    Contact me for details on specific projects.

    Real Crisisdata, VIP Training.

    Training city officials is difficult socially, organizing is expensive. We found a way to let city mayors deal with real scenario's in timecapsules off 8 minutes. Real scenario's engine is in the making to support more types off training using more GIS, safety region and soft data. Read summary

    Teachers 2020 Film & Game

    For IJsselgroep we developed a shortfilm and 8x5 game-based education methodology to engage teachers in tomorrows education. What is the role off tomorrows teacher, should they become avatars? Watch film

    Physics through Play

    Coordinated the research and development off CarKit, to make learning/understanding the basics off physics fun. A fictional world racing game where Newton laws are your 'racecar' controls.  Read flyer

    NL/EU Proposal Writer

    To go beyond the ordinary, we had to look for a lot off funding to do things, dashboards, engines, film, games different.

    Design, Science, Co-Creation

    I believe Design, Science and Co-creation meeting up in dashboards, games and story has an amazing future. 

    People of the Source

    5 characters on different locations, Film Series and Game. On a quest to discover essential values in moving from I to We individually and as a community. Launch 2015.

    Augmented Timemachine

    Augmented Reality, Tijdmachine.net r&d for putting history photo+film on a see through AR telescope. German-Dutch collaboration.  

    Tribal Learning

    How can we support Tribal Learning with technology and the essences off Myth and Rhythm. (bank proposal)

    Geo photo with EGNOS

    Experimenting with new satellite data systems. Personal Journeys, Regional Challenges. 

    Geo data and development

    How can geo data and water design data help students and startups to figure out solutions? Drinking water, Rain water, Sanitation.

    City Navigation for Hearing Impaired

    Being blind and navigating through the city can only be done by audio. But you need your ears for cars and echo. For Dedicon NL, EU r&d grant we delivered uWear, audio based city navigation.

  • Read 'The War of Art'.

    Understand the relation with The Art of War.


    Read Flatland, Listen to Snap!, get the MTV and Next Generation.


    Understand the world is like hex (and chess); the past doesn't matter, the further you imagine, the better.





    8 years independent and commercial process manager, workflow consultant.​


    14 years Creative Producer and coordinator NL and EU research projects.